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 +====== Using X Windows to use ImageJ and Fiji in server ======
 +We could save a lot of time by minimizing data transfer between physical disks. Many of groups in EMBL has its own data server, and people transfer huge files between remote and local machines to do analysis. But if you want to just do some simple jobs, you do not need to transfer files to your local machine: use X-forwarding. With this, processing is done in remote server and receive only the graphical output via network to see results. ​
 +Both ImageJ and Fiji could be used in this way, as they both are in EMBL network already. ​
 +This short instruction is for setting up such environment. ​
 +===== Windows =====
 +You need following two tools:
 +  * Xming (with fonts)
 +    * http://​​XmingNotes/ ​
 +  * Putty
 +    * http://​​~sgtatham/​putty/ ​
 +Xming is an X-server to run in your local machine to show content of window sent from remote server. This will run silently in your local machine to connect remote machine output to your desktop window (called 'X window'​).
 +Putty is a SSH client, which securely connect your desktop to the remote machine. Follow the installation procedure explained [[https://​​wiki/​PuTTY_and_Xming|here]] or in [[http://​​watch?​v=PoDgN1y1fQY|youtube]].
 +===== Mac OSX =====
 +You need to setup following tool:
 +  * X11
 +This application is not installed to OSX machine by default, so you should install it from DVD that came with your machine or install from Apple developer website. Download and nstall Xcode, then you will have X11 in your machine automatically. ​
 +To setup, you only need to change two configurations:​
 +  * SSH configuration
 +  * X11 configuration (might be ok with default)
 +Detailed instruction could be found [[http://​​2009/​09/​05/​how-to-enable-x11-forwarding-with-ssh-on-mac-os-x-leopard/​|here]]. ​
 +===== Starting Up ImageJ =====
 +Log in to the server '​submaster'​ you could then start up ImageJ by the following command:
 +/​usr/​struct/​bin/​java -cp /​g/​almf/​software/​ImageJ/​ij.jar -server ij.ImageJ -ijpath /​g/​almf/​software/​ImageJ
 +  * instead of java normally added to the path, java in SCB unit is used because /​usr/​bin/​java is gcc compiled and does not work well with ImageJ. ​
 +  * you could add memory argument if your image is too big to load. 
 +  * In my case, I place the above command in .tcshrc as an alias, so that I could invoke just by a command '​ij'​. Command '​ImageJ'​ will start up ImageJ in SCB server, and its version is not the latest. ​
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