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 cm.setPointSize(3) cm.setPointSize(3)
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-===== Plugin: LOCI BioFormats, Replacing OME-TIFF XML =====+===== Plugin: LOCI BioFormats ​===== 
 +==== Importing CZI file ==== 
 +<code python linenums:​1>​ 
 +from loci.plugins import BF 
 +from import ImporterOptions 
 +filepath = "/​path/​to/​image/​my.czi"​ 
 +# Options for Bioformats pluginincludeing the image path 
 +options = ImporterOptions() 
 +fullimps = BF.openImagePlus(options) 
 +#fullimps now holds multiple images contained within the czi file.  
 +# open the first one.  
 +See here for more on metadata parsing and so on: [[https://​​ctrueden/​6282856|]] 
 +==== Replacing OME-TIFF XML ====
 <code python linenums:​1>​ <code python linenums:​1>​
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