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 +====== Eclipse Configuration ======
 +===== Texlipse-Skim synching =====
 +TeXlipse is a LaTeX plugin for Eclipse. The installation of both is assumed here.
 +To activate forward and inverse search on the Eclipse/​TeXlipse side, in "​Preferences/​Texlipse/​Viewer Settings",​ add a new Viewer configuration in top priority, with the following viewer configuration:​
 +  * Viewer name: skim
 +  * Ordered List ItemViewer command: /​Applications/​​Contents/​SharedSupport/​displayline
 +  * Viewer arguments: -r %line "​%file"​ "​%texfile"​
 +  * Viewer input file format: pdf
 +  * Inverse search support: Viewer runs external command
 +  * Viewer supports forward search: selected
 +Also make sure that the "​-syntex=1"​ argument is added to the PdfLatex program in "​Preferences/​Texlipse/​Builder Settings"​.
 +On the Skim side, "​Prefrences/​Sync/​PDF-Tex sync support"​ should be configured as follows:
 +  * Preset: Custom
 +  * Command: java
 +  * Arguments: -classpath /​Applications/​Eclipse-3.6/​plugins/​net.sourceforge.texlipse_1.4.1/​texlipse.jar net.sourceforge.texlipse.viewer.util.FileLocationClient -f %file -l %line
 +  * 
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