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-====== Bin-BW ImageJ workshop: ​Konstanz Jan, 2019 ======+====== Bin-BW ImageJ workshop: ​Heidelberg, 2019 ======
 {{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​bic.png?​150 |}}{{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​bw.png?​200 |}}{{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​unikonstanz.png?​150 |}} {{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​bic.png?​150 |}}{{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​bw.png?​200 |}}{{:​mainpages:​courses:​konstanz:​unikonstanz.png?​150 |}}
-===== Date ===== 
-January 23rd and 24th, 2019 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-As part of the initiative Bin-BW (Bioimage-Net Baden-Württemberg) the Bioimaging Center of the University of Konstanz offers workshops in image analysis based on the open-source software ImageJ. 
-The **two-day introductory workshop** teaches the basics of digital image processing and analysis for biological / biomedical studies. The goal of the workshop is that participants acquire basic knowledge and technique for measurements using image data.  
-Participation is most fruitful for learners who are conducting biological or medical research and are already using or are planning to use (light) microscopy for quantification purposes. If you already have generated data that poses a challenge of general interest, it is possible to integrate this data into the workshop agenda. 
-Participants should bring their own laptops. Please contact us in case this is not possible for you. Instructions on how to properly install and configure ImageJ will be provided before the workshop. 
-===== Location ===== 
-The Bin-BW ImageJ workshop will take place at the University of Konstanz on 23rd and 24th of January, 2019 at room M 630. A detailed agenda is listed in the table below. 
-===== Workshop trainer ===== 
-Kota Miura (,​ Freelance Bioimage Analyst & Vice Chair, NEUBAIS (The Network of European Bioimage Analysts) 
-===== Schedule ===== 
-{{url>​https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​e/​2PACX-1vS86NWGDwEh5XJ5vIcPb613qjXJ1y9N2CqKNXjAaeUz_bZyMMI_j3W4R6DI-Iv94AYyfi_Nq32OvU7w/​pubhtml?​gid=0&​amp;​single=true&​amp;​widget=true&​amp;​headers=false 800,1000 noborder}} 
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