Wednesday, August 08, 2007

movie file conversion using ffmpeg

source: imageJ avi
output: quicktime (readable in distributed codec)


C:\ffmpeg>ffmpeg -i mts5dots.avi -vcodec mpeg4 -r 30 -b 6000

File formats:
E 3g2 3gp2 format
E 3gp 3gp format
D 4xm 4X Technologies format
D RoQ Id RoQ format
DE ac3 raw ac3
DE aiff Audio IFF
DE alaw pcm A law format
DE amr 3gpp amr file format
DE asf asf format
E asf_stream asf format
DE au SUN AU Format
DE avi avi format
D avs AVISynth
E crc crc testing format
D daud D-Cinema audio format
D dts raw dts
DE dv DV video format
E dvd MPEG2 PS format (DVD VOB)
D ea Electronic Arts Multimedia Format
DE ffm ffm format
D film_cpk Sega FILM/CPK format
DE flac raw flac
D flic FLI/FLC/FLX animation format
DE flv flv format
E framecrc framecrc testing format
DE gif GIF Animation
DE gxf GXF format
DE h261 raw h261
DE h263 raw h263
DE h264 raw H264 video format
D idcin Id CIN format
DE image image sequence
DE image2 image2 sequence
DE image2pipe piped image2 sequence
DE imagepipe piped image sequence
D ingenient Ingenient MJPEG
D ipmovie Interplay MVE format
DE m4v raw MPEG4 video format
D matroska Matroska file format
DE mjpeg MJPEG video
D mm American Laser Games MM format
DE mmf mmf format
E mov mov format
D mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 QuickTime/MPEG4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
E mp2 MPEG audio layer 2
DE mp3 MPEG audio layer 3
E mp4 mp4 format
DE mpeg MPEG1 System format
E mpeg1video MPEG video
E mpeg2video MPEG2 video
DE mpegts MPEG2 transport stream format
D mpegvideo MPEG video
E mpjpeg Mime multipart JPEG format
DE mulaw pcm mu law format
D mxf MXF format
D nsv NullSoft Video format
E null null video format
DE nut nut format
D nuv NuppelVideo format
DE ogg Ogg Vorbis
E psp psp mp4 format
D psxstr Sony Playstation STR format
DE rawvideo raw video format
DE rm rm format
DE s16be pcm signed 16 bit big endian format
DE s16le pcm signed 16 bit little endian format
DE s8 pcm signed 8 bit format
D shn raw shorten
D smk Smacker Video
D sol Sierra SOL Format
E svcd MPEG2 PS format (VOB)
DE swf Flash format
D tta true-audio
DE u16be pcm unsigned 16 bit big endian format
DE u16le pcm unsigned 16 bit little endian format
DE u8 pcm unsigned 8 bit format
E vcd MPEG1 System format (VCD)
D vmd Sierra VMD format
E vob MPEG2 PS format (VOB)
DE voc Creative Voice File format
DE wav wav format
D wc3movie Wing Commander III movie format
D wsaud Westwood Studios audio format
D wsvqa Westwood Studios VQA format
DE yuv4mpegpipe YUV4MPEG pipe format

Image formats (filename extensions, if any, follow):
DE gif gif

D V 4xm
D V D 8bps
D V VMware video
DEA aac
D V D aasc
DEA ac3
DEA adpcm_4xm
DEA adpcm_adx
DEA adpcm_ct
DEA adpcm_ea
DEA adpcm_ima_dk3
DEA adpcm_ima_dk4
DEA adpcm_ima_qt
DEA adpcm_ima_smjpeg
DEA adpcm_ima_wav
DEA adpcm_ima_ws
DEA adpcm_ms
DEA adpcm_sbpro_2
DEA adpcm_sbpro_3
DEA adpcm_sbpro_4
DEA adpcm_swf
DEA adpcm_xa
DEA adpcm_yamaha
D A alac
DEA amr_nb
DEA amr_wb
DEV D asv1
DEV D asv2
D V D avs
D V bmp
D V D camstudio
D V D camtasia
D V D cavs
D V D cinepak
D V D cljr
D A cook
D V D cyuv
DES dvbsub
DES dvdsub
DEV D dvvideo
DEV D ffv1
DEVSD ffvhuff
DEA flac
D V D flashsv
D V D flic
D V D fraps
DEA g726
DEV D h261
D VSD h263i
EV h263p
DEV DT h264
DEVSD huffyuv
D V D idcinvideo
D V D indeo2
D V indeo3
D A interplay_dpcm
D V D interplayvideo
EV jpegls
D V kmvc
EV ljpeg
D V D loco
D A mace3
D A mace6
D V D mdec
DEV D mjpeg
D V D mjpegb
D V D mmvideo
DEA mp2
DEA mp3
D A mp3adu
D A mp3on4
DEVSDT mpeg1video
DEVSDT mpeg2video
DEVSDT mpeg4
D A mpeg4aac
D VSDT mpegvideo
DEVSD msmpeg4
DEVSD msmpeg4v1
DEVSD msmpeg4v2
D V D msrle
D V D msvideo1
D V D mszh
D V D nuv
DEV pam
DEV pbm
DEA pcm_alaw
DEA pcm_mulaw
DEA pcm_s16be
DEA pcm_s16le
DEA pcm_s24be
DEA pcm_s24daud
DEA pcm_s24le
DEA pcm_s32be
DEA pcm_s32le
DEA pcm_s8
DEA pcm_u16be
DEA pcm_u16le
DEA pcm_u24be
DEA pcm_u24le
DEA pcm_u32be
DEA pcm_u32le
DEA pcm_u8
DEV pgm
DEV pgmyuv
DEV png
DEV ppm
D A qdm2
D V D qdraw
D V D qpeg
D V D qtrle
DEV rawvideo
D A real_144
D A real_288
D A roq_dpcm
D V D roqvideo
D V D rpza
DEV D rv10
DEV D rv20
D A shorten
D A smackaud
D V smackvid
D V D smc
DEV snow
D A sol_dpcm
DEA sonic
EA sonicls
D V D sp5x
DEV D svq1
D VSD svq3
D V theora
D V D truemotion1
D V D truemotion2
D A truespeech
D A tta
D V D ultimotion
D V vc1
D V D vcr1
D A vmdaudio
D V D vmdvideo
DEA vorbis
D V vp3
D V D vqavideo
D A wmav1
D A wmav2
DEVSD wmv1
DEVSD wmv2
D V wmv3
D V D wnv1
D A ws_snd1
D A xan_dpcm
D V D xan_wc3
D V D xl
EV xvid
DEV D zlib
D V zmbv


Monday, August 06, 2007

last week things shouldn't forget

-- Peter@ Surray
Made some suggestions on colocalization analysis --> improve imaging condition, such as time resolution. additionally, include MT segmentation using skeltonization routine.

-- Michael Knop
segentation of yeast shape, get long axis, measure relative position of second channel signal. Consider surface area.

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