Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FRAP analysis: Questions and Answers

For questions and comments, please feel free to post here in the comments section.

071030 ver9b
Stefan told me problem of negative Half Life value [s] for some cases, and I found out that when the data time range is too short and not reaching plateu, the calculation of HL results strange values. This is because HL in double exponential fitting is calculated by numerically interpolating the half max value.

To avoid this problem, estimation curve is not extrapolated that the HL becomes available even for the experiments with short time range. [now, still have problems to cope with "weighting" adjustments]

080325 ver9c
fixed popupmenu problem.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

CMCI seminar

1. Tracking of EB3, using 2D Gaussian fitting of lolal intensity maxima
2. Dorsal Closure: segmentation using watershed.
--> further extending the segmentation with curvelets

Suggestions from audience: choice of the model --> Nested Anova


Monday, October 22, 2007


1. Gulcin @ Gilmore

particle distribution evaluation. Final solution was to average the distance of nearest several particles and see the dynamics.-> turned out to be similar to Philippe's method for the evaluaiton of nano-particle pattern. More sophisticated way could be the use of two-point correlation function (used often in Astronomy). Made several interface between ImageJ and IgorPro.


2. Celine @ Nedelec

extended Maria's Macro, for rejecting some of the segmented signals.

3. Knop lab

yeast protein distribution measurement. need to fix a bit still, for the measurement sometimes has problem at the edge of the image frame.