Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bioclip 2002 "A Day In The Life Of A Social Amoeba"

Bioclip 2002 "A Day In The Life Of A Social Amoeba"
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I link the local page above, since there has been several requests these days directly to me probably because the bioclips website is not working well these days and the clip cannot be seen on the web.

By the way, one of the people who wrote to me requesting the flash file, Juan Llopis from Albacete in Spain, told me that there was an article about the clip in Spanish media last year (Nov. 2007). Here is the link:

Cómo acercar la ciencia a la industria
Autor: Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana

... but unfortunately I don't understand Spanish.

One of the article that wrote about the clip immediately after the presentation is here:

Rhythm 'n' biology
- What happens if cell biology and techno music meet? -
Holger Breithaupt

EMBO reports 3, 9, 813–815 (2002)
Published online: September 2002

There is another bioclip compiled in 2003 with Timo and Jens, about Parasites cell biology but this has not been converted to a flash and never been published on the web. If there are many requests, I will find time to work on it (but wait, at the moment I now don't have flash software...).