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Notepad++ Syntax Highlighter for ImageJ Macro

Dec. 2021: Note that there is a very new configuration file available from here:

Configuration file (xml) for syntax highlighting of |ImageJ Macro codes in Notepad++.

ImageJ Macro Syntax Highlighter (Mono Industrial style, dark background)
ImageJ Macro Syntax Highlighter (default, white background)


Kota Miura
Centre for Molecular and Cellular Imaging (CMCI)
EMBL Heidelberg
miura at embl dot de
Tel: +49 6221 387 404


  • 10-11-06 first version released


Released under the GNU General Public License Ver2.



Download IJmacro_VIMlight.xml to a place where you can access easily. IJmacro_VIMlight.xml is for white background. If you prefer dark background (Mono Industrial only), then download IJmacro_VIMMonoIndustrial.xml


Above xml file should be imported from Notepad++ by View → User Defined Dialogue… and then click “import”.

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