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CMCI seminar 2.0

The CMCI Image Analysis Seminar aims at promoting interaction among image analysts in EMBL and the exchanges of information among them. To join, please send a mail to Kota (

For older seminars from 2006 to 2013, please refer to this page.


  • All participants should give talks alternately.
  • No participation as an observer, should be listed as a speaker.
  • Two people will give 30 minutes takes each on Wednesday during 15:45 - 17:00.
  • Every three weeks.


Four types of talk, choose one for your talk.

  1. “Look, I did a great image analysis job” seminar.
  2. “I'm doing badly on this image. Please help” seminar.
  3. “I don't know if my image analysis is good or bad. Please comment” seminar.
  4. “I have not much to say so I read a paper” seminar.


  1. Luis Pedro Coelho
  2. Christoph Schiklenk
  3. Antonio Politi
  4. Kota Miura


Date Talk Title First Name Last Name unit moderator
6/18/2014 kick-off / Evaluation Methods for Segmentation Kota Miura EMBL Centres
6/18/2014 A semi-automated image processing pipeline for measurement of chromosome loci distance over time Christoph Schiklenk CBB
7/2/2014 Analysis of the cell lineage of Platynereis brain Pavel Vopalensky DB
7/2/2014 Classification of images of mixed communities Luis Pedro Coelho SCB
7/23/2014 tentative title: How to determinine the molecular architecture of the exocyst complex by light microscopy Andrea Picco CBB
7/23/2014 TBA Volker Hilsenstein Core Facility
9/3/2014 Quantifying COPII coat turnover at ER-exit sites with automated FRAP Aliaksandr Halavatyi CBB
9/3/2014 Contraction waves at cell division - measuring cell shape changes Johanna Bischof CBB
9/24/2014 Chromosome tracking in starfish oocyte Mariia Burdyniuk CBB
9/24/2014 Towards an in silico model of the dividing human cell Julius Hossain CBB
10/15/2014 Dealing with SPIM data: multi-view registration and fusion methods Balázs Bálint CBB
10/15/2014 Quantification of cell shape dynamics and optogenetic activation efficiency to study a light-perturbed morphogenetic process Joe Barry GB
11/12/2014 Complex experiments made easy: how to automate your microscopy pipeline Antonio Politi CBB Christof Schiklenk
11/12/2014 Role of cytoskeleton in morphological changes of blood platelets. Aastha Mathur CBB Christof Schiklenk
11/26/2014 Unsupervised modelling of ""Mitotic Standard Time"" for automatic analysis of human mitotic protein spatio-temporal distribution dynamics during cell division" Yin Cai CBB Antonio Politi
11/26/2014 gitter: a robust and accurate method for quantification of colony sizes from plate images Omar Wagih EBI Antonio Politi
12/17/2014 Considerations on Quantitative Intensity Measurements Christian Tischer Core Facility Kota Miura
12/17/2014 A Semi-Automatic Quantification method for observing the heterogeneity in re-replication patterns in fission yeast Nickolaos Giakoumakis visitor Kota Miura
1/14/2015 How to measure distances between centrioles and membranes? Joana Pinto CBB Luis Pedro Coelho
1/14/2015 Bioimage Information Index: Why and How Kota Miura CBB Luis Pedro Coelho
2/11/2015 Techniques of the velocimetry Ritsuya Niwayama DB Christof Schiklenk
2/11/2015 2D tracking routine for following densely spaced objects the tracking and the segmentation in 3D Wani Xiang CBB Christof Schiklenk
2/25/2015 TBA Nike Walther CBB Antonio Politi
2/25/2015 From Matlab and ImageJ to Python - How and why I made the transition and how good or bad is python for image processing (discussion Petr Strnad CBB Antonio Politi
3/18/2015 Individuals in the collective: towards the quantification of single cell shape changes during morphogenetic movement coordination Emiliano Izquierdo DB Kota Miura
3/18/2015 3D superresolution microscopy by supercritical angle detection Joran Deschamps CBB Kota Miura
4/15/2015 FluoQ – an ImageJ macro for rapid analysis of multiparameter fluorescence imaging data Frank Stein CBB Luis Pedro Coelho
4/15/2015 Grid pattern detection during a CLEM workflow (and little bit of Knime). José Miguel Serra Lleti CBB Luis Pedro Coelho
4/29/2015 Sorting and Imaging of Fluorescent Cells Encapsulated in Microfluidics Droplets Hongxing Hu GB Christof Schiklenk
4/29/2015 Population Image Analysis Leopold Parts GB Christof Schiklenk
5/20/2015 Iris: expanding the palette of microbial phenotypic readouts George Kritikos GB Aliaksandr Halavatyi
5/27/2015 Single-cell resolution atlas of gene expression for comparative Evo-Devo a zebrafish light sheet microscope. Hernando Martinez Vergara DB Aliaksandr Halavatyi
6/10/2015 Image analysis for zSPIM Nils Norin CBB Kota Miura |

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