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If you need help with bioimage analysis, you can hire me as a freelancer, or provide you help on an invoice basis. Please just contact me so we can discuss what I can do for you. The followings are some examples of such works.

  • Building an analysis workflow with ImageJ/Fiji, Python, and R, or providing simply some advice.
    • e.g. discussing with Ph.D. student/postdoc to come up with a solution
    • e.g. Need some advice to start designing an analysis workflow and how to implement
    • No charge for the initial discussion, so please feel safe…
  • Custom ImageJ plugin for a specific task
    • Your lab/company already has a workflow and wants to automate that workflow.
    • In some case, your lab/company has a plugin/workflow someone who left the place created in past. I can study such tools to revive them.
  • Evaluation and improvements of the analysis workflow that you created
  • The actual data analysis, together with workflow designing.
  • Private tutoring for bioimage analysis (teaching)
  • Collaboration project from the starting of the imaging-based project

For image analysis workflow designing, writing scripts, or creating a plugin, the duration depends on the complexity of the issue - from days to some weeks so we need to discuss.


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