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RT @JenCWaters: For those of you starting your career as an imaging scientist, cool opportunity to gain experience and exposure working wit…
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RT @Rami_Krispin: The K-Means Clustering An Explorable Explainer app, by @yizhe_ang, is another great example of explaining data science co…
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RT @eLife: Cancer cells hide inside other cancer cells when the immune system attacks, letting the cell inside survive.
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RT @psobolewskiPhD: @cmci_ There is! First get LaTeX using R package by @carroll_jono or the other using @MathpixApp
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It would be great also to have the inverse function: from math expression to codes.
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RT @melanoidin: In case anyone needs to see a @NobelPrize winner get tossed into a pond :) Congratulations, Svante!
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Coding memo for JACOB Bridge between Java and Bitplane Imaris

In addition to the previous page (, here is a list of commands for JACOB bridge for Java and Imaris.

- To get an Instance of Imaris

ActiveXComponent imarisApplication = new ActiveXComponent("Imaris.Application");

- General syntax for getting/setting field values of IApplication getter:

imarisApplication.getProperty("FIELD_VALUE", PARAMETER);


imarisApplication.setProperty("FIELD_VALUE", PARAMETER);

- To keep Imaris opened (otherwise closes after operation)

imarisApplication.setProperty("mUserControl", true);

- To get an Instance of Imaris data

ActiveXComponent IDataSet = imarisApplication.getPropertyAsComponent("mDataSet");

- Creating new data in Imaris (empty)

Variant[] parameter = new Variant[6];
int ijXsize = imagestack.getWidth();
int ijYsize = imagestack.getHeight();
int ijnSlices = imagestack.getSize();
parameter[0] = new Variant(1);	//1 for type 8bit 
parameter[1] = new Variant(ijXsize);	//x
parameter[2] = new Variant(ijYsize);	//y
parameter[3] = new Variant(ijnSlices);  //z
parameter[4] = new Variant(1);			//channel
parameter[5] = new Variant(1);			//time point
IDataSet.invoke("Create", parameter);	

- getting data parameter from Imaris (data shown in Imaris). An example with image size in x

int imXsize = localIDataSet.getProperty("mSizeX").changeType(Variant.VariantInt).getInt();
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