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strong recommendation to take a look at this: #NEUBIAS volks! "The Practice of Reproducible Research"
About 5 days, 3 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@pablo_jack yes, combining morphology operations
About 1 week ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@pablo_jack pls try, and your comment is welcome to polish the text.
About 1 week ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@pablo_jack the method explained in the draft is widely used method for segmenting rim of a structure.
About 1 week ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@pablo_jack here is a draft of a chapter for the future 2nd edition of our textbook: nuclear rim segmentation
About 1 week ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@pablo_jack Quimp would be an overkill...
About 1 week ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)


For strengthening the bioimage analysis community, we organize the first EuBIAS meeting in Barcelona. For those of you with problems such as:

  • Which tool is appropriate for my question?
  • Who should I ask my very specific question about image analysis?
  • I want to increase my skill, but I do not know how.
  • I am a developer and want to know more demands of biologists.
  • I became an image analysts specialist. Is there a community for me?

Join the meeting and get to know top-developers, leading image analysts and biologist with similar problems!

More details and registration:


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