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RT @NCIPhySci: Jan Lammerding @CornellPSOC and collaborators developed a #microfluidic device that can be combined with a semi-automated im…
About 18 hours, 40 mins ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @haesleinhuepf: @cmci_ @BogovicJohn Thanks for taking the GIF with you! It likes travelling a lot; likely because it was made by GPU-acc…
About 18 hours, 48 mins ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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Bioimage analysis lunch Heidelberg, June 2019
About 22 hours, 52 mins ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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@haesleinhuepf">haesleinhuepf @BogovicJohn I also used your gif in Luxembourg and in Zurich citing @haesleinhuepf">haesleinhuepf tweet. Thanks a lot!
About 1 day, 3 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @iconifyit: 30 FREE Avatars. Download Now.
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RT @Icy_BioImaging: BioFlow plugin measures velocities, pressure and forces inside the cell using 2D or 3D video microscopy data https://t.…
About 1 day, 20 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

BIAS 2014 wiki page

The 2nd “EMBL Master course on BioImage Data Analysis” will be in May. I , Sebastien Tosi (Barcelona) and Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux will be organizing the course. Here is the wiki page for this year.

I added biography of invited speakers, so please check if you are interested! By the way, we abbreviate the course title as “BIAS2014”.

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