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RT @jmutterer: @kWolbachia The same video but extracted at 30fps and the resulting 294 frames encoded using @cmci_ temporal color coder for…
About 22 hours, 44 mins ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @jytinevez: In particular, the intensity features are now calculated in MaMuT. You can measure and follow the cell intensity over time w…
About 1 day, 19 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @jytinevez: New version of #MaMuT! We just released and uploaded the v7.0.2 of MaMuT, the Fiji plugin for tracking and lineaging cells…
About 1 day, 19 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @YangLiuLab1: Struggling with high background in SMLM imaging? Check out this recent work from @HongqiangMa. An ImageJ plugin is also pr…
About 5 days, 1 hour ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @albertcardona: “MethodsJ2 is an ImageJ/@FijiSc-based software tool that aims to improve reproducibility in microscopy by capturing imag…
About 6 days, 15 hours ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

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RT @DaveMellert: I hope the bioimaging people (especially @notjustmoore ) can appreciate this summary graphic that I made for our research…
About 1 week, 2 days ago by: Kota Miura (@cmci_)

NEUBIAS Training School Paper

Details of motivations, the design, and paedagogic concepts of NEUBIAS Bioimage Analysis schools, started in 2017, are now in a manuscript. I wrote the “Bioimage Analyst School” part, and am quite satisfied to have the written record of our struggle and achievements, that I did together with the bioimage analysis genius Jean-Yves Tinevez (The Pasteur Institute, Paris).

F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway: Highlights from the 2016-2020 NEUBIAS training schools for Bioimage Analysts: a success story and key asset for analysts and life scientists

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