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ImageJ Tutorials

ImageJ installation in Windows (2 min 30 sec)

Tutorial 01 Installing and Basics of ImageJ (46 min)

ImageJ tutorial (71 min)

Optimizing epifluorescence images (7min 40sec)

Particle Counting (7 min)

  1. Showing how to use [Analyze > Analyze Prticles…]


Cell Area Measurement

- Segment cells using automatic thresholding, select cells using “magic wand” tool, store ROIs in roi manager.


Measure Intensity Changes over Time

  1. This tutorial uses MBF package so the menu structure is different from the bare ImageJ. You could do the same with legacy ImageJ by [Image > Stacks > Plot Z-axis Profile].


Automatic Nucleus Counting (ITCN Plugin)

Track and analyze Brownian Motions (MTrack2 plugin)

  1. Uses plugin “MTrack2” by Nico, and Excel to analyze tracks.


Visualizing 3D (3Dviewer plugin)

Videos showing how to use 3D viewer, a plugin written by Benjamin Schmid. If you install Fiji, this plugin comes along with the installation.

  1. part 1


  1. part 2


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